Happy Accidents and Turtle Steps

Plug In and Power Up

A Guest Blog by: Liz Bennett

Overwhelming—that’s what most teachers say when new technology comes their way. It’s as if the to-do list—the ever-growing monster of responsibilities and obligations—has quadrupled in mass. But that’s not actually true, or at least it doesn’t have to be. In a guest blog, Kim Murphree mentioned that it’s ok to take “turtle steps” and that’s exactly what I’ve done!

I consider myself an intermediate tech user—not quite intimidated by using new tech, not 100% convinced of my own expertise.  New technology turns me into a kid (like in those old cereal commercials; you know the one). I become curious, unfortunately my adult awareness also makes me cautious. Can I incorporate this in the classroom? What if I get it wrong? Will my students still respect me if I make a mistake, especially if it’s something they do with a casual wave of the hand?

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