No Excuses! Just Do It! Choose to be GREAT!

Just like Kobe Bryant, I can’t relate to lazy people. I cannot understand those who select to do the minimum, do less than what’s required…who choose to be less than GREAT! I’ve always had a burning desire to be competitive. I want to be the best at whatever I do. If I can’t win, at least I want my competitor to know that I gave all that I have. As most coaches say, “I left it all on the field.”

As an educator, I believe that it is my duty to push everyone in my organization towards greatness. It is not my duty to coddle mediocrity. I expect everyone around me to be fervently working towards a goal – a goal to be #1. My philosophy kind of sounds like a Ricky Bobby (from the movie Talladega Nights) quote – “If you’re not first, you’re last.

If we are preparing the next generation, then I want to give them the tools they need to lead us with integrity, honor and a ton of GRIT. I want them to see us dig in and work hard along side them. They can tell the difference between educators who work hard and those who expend the least amount of energy possible to help them in their quest to excel.

Who do you choose to be? Are you an educator who passionately pushes kids to be the best? Are you an educator who constantly pushes themselves to learn more so that their students can do more? Are you an educator willing to forgo the old school teaching strategies of “sit, get, worksheet, repeat” and adapt new ones to reach 21st century students? Are you willing to step outside your own comfort zone to help our students excel?

Our students deserve nothing but the best! We will give them nothing less.

Choose to be GREAT!



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